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Sales Courses & Group Training

In Person and Virtual Sales Training

Coast to Coast, in person classroom style training focusing on fundamentals of sales in the industry. See our upcoming events schedule for the latest course closest to you. This is a must for all salespeople, new and seasoned.

Individual Sales Training

Once a salesperson learns the yard management system and the basics of how the yard flows and operates we point them towards the phones and say sell.  Our individual sales training comes into play whether you have a new or seasoned sales person.  We work with your salesperson by phone weekly which would include phone call & quote reviews, qualification questions, value statements specifically concerning warranty along with the finer points of understanding what the YMS is telling them concerning price, availability and demand.  This 3 month program produces an increase in sales of in stock, brokered, core, freight and warranties as they learn how to increase closing skills while simultaneously increasing call volume.

Sales Team Managing

All companies are in need of sales managing but not all companies have the need for a dedicated sales manager.  PTC will take over the sales managing for the company.  A PTC sales professional will lead all sales meetings, work towards setting and hitting sales goals in the different product lines, review performance both as a group and individually as well as phone call reviews.

Individual Sales Manager Mentoring

Sometimes somebody needs a little more coaching in order to learn how to be an effective sales manager.  Perhaps they respond better in a more private setting.  Individual sales manager mentoring allows this to happen.  They get a weekly time slot with one of our PTC professionals to work on a multitude of things.  Goal settings, commission plans, sales contests, corrective interviews, hiring & training things are a few of the topics that are discussed on a regular basis.

Sales Manager Group Mentoring

One of the tougher positions to be successful in is the sales manager.  One of the primary reasons is that they are too busy working with the sales team to work on the sales team. They become effective problem solver but fail to develop the sales team beneath them.  A sales manager needs to be constantly growing the sales team in quantity and quality.  Our sales manager mentoring groups place sales managers from noncompeting markets into a monthly call.  That call allows them to discuss any issues they may have, generate ideas on how to grow sales and any other topics.  In addition to the call they get an additional timeslot for individual mentoring with one of our PTC professionals.

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