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Site Visits

Our site visit consists of a PTC expert visiting your location for 2 days. Each visit is unique and takes on it's own identity based on the yard. In general,  our process is as follows.


Day 1 is spent gathering information

Data pulling and analysis from your yard management software

interviewing and observing your team &

Observing and studying processes and work flows.


We use our knowledge to make sure that we are treating the problems and not the symptoms of the problem.
Mixing that knowledge with an understanding of how things are currently being done allow PTC to give
the best plans on how to make improvements to your business.


Day 2 is spent designing and sharing your action plan

Along with presenting your individualized plan we will meet with the appropriate people to explain the plan and assist in the initial roll out of the plan.

For more information and pricing, please click here to contact one of our consultants.

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