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The History of Profit Team Consulting

With 90 years of proven success in the Automotive Recycling Industry, Mike Kunkel & Rob Rainwater are the sure choice in helping you achieve success!

The year was 1990 and Jim Counts was bored and looking for something to do. At that point in his life,
he had already left a successful career in corporate America and had successfully run and subsequently
sold his yards in Dallas TX. Jim felt that the used auto parts industry had a void that would give him
something to do while tying into his desire to travel.

Over the next several years a variety of events took place that launched Counts Consulting into
becoming the leading consulting company for used parts in the world. The company quickly outgrew
Jim’s available time so a top industry consultant was targeted to play a key role in their development.
The independent auto recyclers turned to Jim as he started to develop many of the key measurements
that would become standard operating procedures in the industry.

Another critical development in the building of the company was the role that Jim played in the writing /
development of the Pinnacle yard management system. Jim was one of the 12 original people and one
of the key architects of the framework that Pinnacle was founded on.

The consulting business continued to grow as Jim visited with customers and spoke at various
trade shows across the world. The schedule was hectic and Jim was looking to add some help. The
skill-set required is very unique and it was not that easy to find someone. Mike Kunkel was approached about the purchase of Counts Consulting. Mike joined the company in April 2014 with Jim stepping out on December 31, 2014. In January 2015, Counts Consulting was re-branded to Profit Team Consulting. The entire point of being in business is to make a profit so this is what is always focused on and is emphasized in our company name.

The next several years saw the number of site visits continue to increase while attendance in both full
and self-service peer groups skyrocketed. During this period of time, the industry saw a consolidation
take place that was not as successful as hoped. 

The market place continues to change as the calendar turned to 2020. Profit Team saw that a different
style of selling was going to be needed moving forward. Rob Rainwater checked all of the boxes needed
to enhance the sales message that Profit Team Consulting desires to deliver as we continue to work with
the recyclers worldwide in the pursuit of additional personal development leading to more income for
all of our customers and their staff.

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Mike Kunkel
Strategic Business
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Richard Tyler
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Rob Rainwater
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Jer Banta
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